About Us

ihif_logo Founded in February 2007 by His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur, the Indian Head Injury Foundation was the outcome of a father’s concern for his injured son. After Maharaja Gaj Singh’s son Yuvraj Shivraj Singh suffered a serious head injury during a polo match, the family was subject to countless medical procedures, numerous remedial opinions and many tough decisions. Seeing the state of India’s social and medical response to head injury accidents and brain trauma, the Maharaja started on a mission to build a comprehensive system for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury, and to provide neuro-rehabilitation to the victims of such unfortunate incidents.

If you’re a Delhi resident, you may be suffering long traffic jams on your way to work or even if you’re just driving around in the city. But guess what, given the way people drive in the national capital, it turns out these grid locks might just be saving lives. Studies conducted by Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) show that the increase in traffic congestion in Delhi might actually have resulted in fewer accidents over the last year. According to the data analysed by CRRI, until July 2016, 543 people have died in road accidents in the capital, as opposed to 824 deaths over the same period in the last year. “One of the reasons for the slump in road fatalities is the decreased average speed of vehicles due to traffic jams. When a vehicle has a lower possibility of speeding, the chances of meeting with an accident also ...


ihif_logo Two heads are better than one, so we’re happy to announce our partners SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) with whom we work closely to address the serious issue of road accidents in India. We shall work toward addressing road behavior, spreading awareness on basic safety, pushing for the enforcement of traffic laws, and improving the care head injury and brain trauma victims receive. We shall also work in collaboration with countless other organisations to form the National Road Safety Alliance (NRSA). In working together, we hope to form a solid foundation from which will stem increased awareness, stricter road laws and unmatched medical prowess.