About Us

ihif_logo Founded in February 2007 by His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh of Jodhpur, the Indian Head Injury Foundation was the outcome of a father’s concern for his injured son. After Maharaja Gaj Singh’s son Yuvraj Shivraj Singh suffered a serious head injury during a polo match, the family was subject to countless medical procedures, numerous remedial opinions and many tough decisions. Seeing the state of India’s social and medical response to head injury accidents and brain trauma, the Maharaja started on a mission to build a comprehensive system for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury, and to provide neuro-rehabilitation to the victims of such unfortunate incidents.

Ever since the first man shrugged himself off his knuckles and stood up on his own two feet, humans have been walking to get to their goals. The evolutionary ability to bipedally reach from point A to point B is so ingrained in our physical structure, that we don’t really see any special importance in it; we take it for granted as our God-given right. Yet man is more than just his ability to stand up. He (also she) is a rational, thinking being, who over the years has evolved complex societies and cultural norms to make his (and her) life easier and more rewarding. And he has learned to protest, against the indiscriminate vagrancies that fate chooses to impose on him and his world. Time and again, he has wrestled with indifference and against great odds, to produce a better, more just world. And in this protest, walking has ...


ihif_logo Two heads are better than one, so we’re happy to announce our partners SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) with whom we work closely to address the serious issue of road accidents in India. We shall work toward addressing road behavior, spreading awareness on basic safety, pushing for the enforcement of traffic laws, and improving the care head injury and brain trauma victims receive. We shall also work in collaboration with countless other organisations to form the National Road Safety Alliance (NRSA). In working together, we hope to form a solid foundation from which will stem increased awareness, stricter road laws and unmatched medical prowess.